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Fun & Creativity


 The most important time for language development is from birth to age five. Learning language by immersion is also considered the most effective way for all learners both young and old. Our Spanish and English dual immersion program engages students in activities including reading, speaking, and singing both in Spanish and English. 


We LOVE music! With my music education background, there will be no end of singing, rhythm games, classical music immersion, and introduction to elementary instruments and music writing. Music is also a great way for kids to learn science, math, and english as we sing our numbers, letters, colors, animals, planets and more. 


Kids are much more interested in eating vegetables they helped grow. Learning to love and care for the soil is a wonderful way to spend the warmer seasons. It is also a great way to introduce math and science to small children as we divide, subtract, multiply and learn about our local ecosystem.

Reading in Music

Learning phonics, identifying letters, and sounding out words can seem daunting and tidies with young learners. Not with Reading in Music! Inspired by Reading in Motion, children don't even know there are learning to read as we sing, dance and play.

Story Time

In addition to Reading in Music, we commit time in our schedule to read to children everyday, exploring the world through picture and word. This can be such an important time to inspire a life long love of reading. If you are interested in donating books to our library, please reach out under "Contact Us".

Outside Play

There have been countless studies on the benefits of the outdoors for young children. When the weather is nice we do as many of our activities as possible in our large outdoor classroom. We encourage kids to play and explore together in the playground set, with chalk, sport balls, sand buckets and shovels, and more.


Peaking curiosity of the world around them is our goal. We blow up watermelons, build race car tracks, make home made instruments, go on bug hunts, create rock gardens, and much more. Kids will learn to ask questions and discover the world around them with our fun, safe, and simple science experiments.


Kids have so much to say and helping them gain confidence expressing themselves, performing, and and sharing stories is our goal. With a large variety of hats, masks, props, and costumes kids will have no end to the stories they can tell together and the fun they can have pretending to be animals, kings, villains, and heroes.


Children are born creators and giving them different mediums to express their thoughts and ideas is important. We make animals out of clay, paint with water colors, and build all kinds of things out of cardboard and paper, and of course draw draw draw developing their creativity and fine motor skills.

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