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Dedicated & Certified



My name is Jane Ledesma and I am the director of Kids' Classics Academy. I am a certified school teacher and I am passionate about education in our community. I have a Bachelors degree in music education and I have spent many hours volunteering at local Elementary Schools and Middle Schools. I taught Orchestra at Mt Nebo Middle School for three years. I taught English online through Zoom for children ages 1-14 for four years. I have taught private violin, viola, and piano lessons for children and adults for the last twelve years. I have taught Preschool as part of  a daycare for one year and have LOVED IT! I am excited for this new opportunity to be able to serve my community and work with young children--I love teaching and I love children! I am the mother of one beautiful baby boy. I am fluent in Spanish and am excited about the benefits of exposing children at this crucial age to a second language. I am certified in CPR, Safe Food Handling, Child Care Development, and Pre-School Education. I am looking forward to meeting you and your families!

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